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New Nike Ad: Earl Woods Speaks To Tiger 04/07/2010

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The new Tiger Woods brand began today as Nike aired the first commercial of Tiger since the scandal. The commercial is the voice of Earl Woods, Tiger’s deceased father questioning his son’s actions as Tiger solemnly stares into the camera. Nike would not discuss the context of Earl Wood’s comments but this is some pretty heavy shit for a Nike ad. To read the full quote from Earl, hit more. (more…)

South Park’s Latest Victim: Tiger Woods 03/18/2010

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In case you missed it last night, South Park opened its 14th season with an absurd episode titled “Sexual Healing.” The episode was highlighted by Elin beating Tiger’s ass in a simulation of the new EA Sports Tiger Woods video game, the CDC going crazy over the new national epidemic known as sex addiction and cameos by Bill Clinton, Ben Roethlisberger and David Letterman. To see a clip of the episode and a link to watch the full episode, click more. (more…)

Celebrities Who Cheated: And Admitted 02/21/2010

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While I am fully aware Tiger Woods brought all this negative attention on himself, I am a believer in second chances and that he can truly make amends to those he hurt. I think he sounded remorseful and looked embarrassed during his 14 minute speech on Friday morning. Tiger doesn’t stand alone as the only person who has had to make a Presidential-like mea culpa apology to the nation. To see other prominent figures’ apologies including those from Bill Clinton, Kobe Bryant, Mark Sanford and Eliot Spitzer, hit more. (more…)

Some People Really Took Tiger’s Speech To Heart 02/19/2010

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The only thing more painful than watching Tiger apologize to a room full of blood-hungry journalists may have been watching The Golf Channel’s Charlie Rymer cry on-air afterwards. Damn, dude looks like he’s trying to be Tiger’s 13th.

Athlete Themed V-Day Cards 02/14/2010

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Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone out there. To see some funny V-Day cards featuring some of the best athletes around, click more. (more…)

Tiger Woods In Sex Rehab 01/19/2010

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Tiger Woods checked into a sex rehabilitation clinic in Mississippi today. I couldn’t help but laugh initially because what exactly defines a sex addict?  Everyone loves sex, but I guess if loving it too much costs you your marriage, millions of dollars  in endorsements and your overall public image, then sex rehab may be a good call. I view this as another PR move by Tiger and his people, the second PR move in recent days after Russell Simmons tweeted earlier this week that Woods was to donate $3 million to the Haiti relief effort.  The Tiger Woods Foundation donated only $100,000 to the tsunami relief effort in 2004 and $200,000 to Baton Rouge Area Foundation for Hurricane Katrina. If Tiger’s camp can help portray him as a man with an addiction who is getting treatment and a humanitarian, they may be on their way to helping restore his image.