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Lebron’s Decision 07/08/2010

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Alright haters. The KING has made his deicsion and it is to play with the Miami Heat, along with Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh. There is no denying it is impressive to see three stars drop their egos, sacrifice maximum money and be willing to share the basketball in order to win championships. I am ashamed and appalled for the Clevland fans for the way they reacted and burning his jersey. Yes he did turn his back on them, but for all that he has done for that organization his jersey should be retired. 28 ppg, 7 reb and 7 ass in 7 seasons??? That is unheard of!!! Well, I believe myself and the rest of the world is happy this Lebronathon is finally over and the next season in the NBA shall reveal a whole lot.

LA Lakers Win 16th NBA Championship 06/18/2010

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Congratulations to the Lakeshow on winning there 16th championship in franchise history. What was an ugly game up until the final minute and a half, turned out to be quite the thriller. The Lakers rallied back from a 13 point deficit after shooting a pitiful 27% in the first half. Kobe was not feeling it tonight, to say the least, therefore it was the supporting role that got it done tonight. Despite his 6-24 shooting, the Black Mamba pulled down 15 rebounds and distributed the ball well when the Celtics attempted to double and triple team him. I tip my hat to Queensbridge’s finest for the outstanding performance both offensively and defensively in the game tonight. Ironic how the man who got his first championship was the X factor in the game, let alone 6 years ago being suspended 73 games for The Malace At The Palace. It was an epic seven game series in which the NBA or the fans can ask for much more.

Freshjive LA Revenge T-Shirt 06/04/2010

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After the dismanteling of the Celtics last night, Laker fans may be quick to make this purchase. Even in the rare event the Lakers do lose, the shirt is still really dope. Deriving from the common theme of NBA T-Shirt’s with the listing of names, Freshjive went ahead and flipped the script by crossing them out. The shirt can be bought HERE for $30.

The Best of Whacky NBA Haircuts 03/08/2010

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In case you missed it yesterday, Ron Artest put the word “Defense,” in three different languages (Hebrew, Japanese, Hindi) into his head. Looks like now that Dennis Rodman is out of the league, there is some new competition for best hairdos. My personal favorite nowadays has to be the youngbuck Brandon Jennings. To see NBA stars sporting the fro, the flat top, cornrows and others, click more.   (more…)

Incase You Didn’t See!!! 03/04/2010

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Incase you did not see SportsCenter the other night, there were a ton of ridiculous events that occurred. But this one above most definitely takes the cake. Baylor’s center, Brittney Griner, is a straight animal. Standing at an outrageous 6’8 and dunking in multiple games this year, she done went ahead and clocked Texas Tech’s Jordan Barncastle square in the face. Hit the jump to see plenty more freakish plays from Lebron James, John Wall, Nate Robinson & Travis Leslie. (more…)

Toronto’s Raptor Is A Rapist 02/14/2010

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This clip taken from the Nets v. Raptors game a couple weeks ago is entertaining enough on mute, but listen to the announcers for the extra pinch of comedy.

NBA All-Star Players Series by Skullcandy Headphones 02/13/2010

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To keep up with the NBA All-Star weekend theme we have going on, Skullcandy presents us with a series of headphones. Each headphone is unique in its own right, representing each player selected to the 2010 NBA All-Star Game. Hit the jump to see some of the dopest headphones ever made. I don’t know about you, but I would rock any of them. (more…)

NBA Slam Dunk Competition Tonight 02/13/2010

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The NBA Slam Dunk Competition is on tonight and will feature: Nate Robinson, Shannon Brown, Gerald Wallace and Demar DeRozan. The favorite has to be 5’9″ Nate Robinson who looks to become the first player ever to win the contest three times. To see a video of the top 10 best dunks ever and a video of the top 10 best dunks ever from little players, click more. (more…)

A Look Ahead to NBA All-Star Weekend 02/12/2010

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The 2010 NBA All-Star Weekend kicks off tonight and all events will be held in the American Airlines center with the actual all-star game being held in the massive Dallas Cowboys stadium. While this weekend is a serious production, it is hard to deny that there is great entertainment value in some of these events. Below is a list of what will be happening each night. Saturday night should provide for some great television.

Friday: Celebrity Game (7 ET), Rookie Challenge (9 ET)

Saturday: Skills Challenge, 3-point Shootout, Slam Dunk Contest (8:30 ET)

Sunday: 59th NBA All-Star Game (8 ET)

To see Usher’s All-Star Game video and the participants in each event, click more. (more…)