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Trailer: 30 Minutes or Less 06/12/2011

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I just now stumbled upon this trailer for 30 Minutes or Less featuring an all-star cast of Jesse Eisenberg, Danny McBride, Nick Swardson and Aziz Ansari. Film hits theaters August 12th and it’s going to be a good one.

The Hangover Part 2 Trailer 04/07/2011

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We all know this is going to be epic. Trailer says it all…

Video: Your Highness Trailer 11/18/2010

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This movie is going to be hilarious. James Franco and Danny McBride star as Princes who must quest through medieval England to rescue a princess, with the help of Natalie Portman’s warrior. A close comparison I can draw is that it will be like the Princess Bride, but with foul language, dirty jokes, drug references and sex. Your Highness will be in theaters April 2011.

Holy Rollers 05/18/2010

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Relax, mind your business and act jewish.

Based on the true story directed by Kevin Asch. In the late nineties, in an Orthodox community in Brooklyn a group of Hasidic Jews were recruited to smuggle ecstasy pills from Europe to America.

Movie Trailer: HIGH School 04/20/2010

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Movies about potheads aren’t very rare. However, GOOD movies about potheads are. After making it through the Sundance Film Festival with raving reviews, High School is wafting to theaters sometime this fall. The movie is about about a high school valedictorian who must get his entire school stoned on a day the school is giving a random drug test. Looks to me like an odd movie, but critics say it’s hilarious.

Video: Snoop Dogg – Malice N Wonderland (Mini-Movie Trailer) 01/23/2010

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Here is the trailer to the upcoming mini movie Malice N Wonderland. The mini movie is part of Snoop Dogg’s More Malice Deluxe album dropping March 23rd.  This preview is amazingly comical, as Snoop is portrayed as a super-hero to a city trying to stop the demon ruler.  Apparently, to successfully complete this task he must drill holes through peoples knees and bash their heads with sledge hammers.  It is a straight knock off of Sin City and The Spirit, but with a foshizzle Snoop D-O-double Gizzle twizzle.

Coming Attraction: Youth In Revolt 01/06/2010

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Youth In Revolt starring Michael Cera opens on Friday. This movie looks great, sort of like Me, Myself & Irene which is an awesome movie if you have never seen it. Anyway check out this trailer, it’s pretty funny.