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Video: The New Yorker iPad Application 09/28/2010

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Jason Schwartzman is a trip in this video campaigning the newest application designed specifically for the iPad. The comedian shows off all the features of The New Yorker application while being absolutely ridiculous the entire video. Love the upward face swipe and the elephant ring tone.

iPad Remote Controlled Blimp 05/18/2010

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Im sorry that I’ve been totally jocking Apple’s new iPad recently, but I’m looking forward to the purchase of one as soon as I get back home to NY.  I came across an article this morning that’s rather cool and innovative.  The folks at BreakfastNY.com have created a blimp that is controlled by the iPad through custom software that connects to a built-in computer. The iPad is the real controller, and it receives a live video-feed from the blimp’s cockpit via an attached front camera.  Click more for a description form Breakfast NY themselves and see a sick video of the thing in action. (more…)

Solid Gold iPad for Sale 05/15/2010

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Got $190,000 laying around?  What better way to spend it then on this solid gold and diamond studded iPad that was unveiled yesterday.  The apple logo consists of 53 flawless diamonds.  Only 10 of these bad boys have been made by the designer Stuart Hughes, and I’m sure they’ll be selling like hot cakes.  Actually, probably not.  This is the same homie who designed a diamond studded blackberry bold.  Hit the jump to see a pic of that really necessary piece of technology. (more…)

Navigation on Steroids: iPad In Cars 04/05/2010

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If thieves are willing to rip radios out of cars, imagine how excited they would be to see this Toyota Tacoma. The men over at Soundman Car Audio out in Santa Clarita, California are the first people to install an iPad in a car. While it doesn’t seem practical to have an iPad in a car, the idea and end result is pretty damn cool. Hit the jump to see a video of the installation process and the guys playing with their latest creation. (more…)

Epic Steve Jobs Walt Mossberg Interview 02/02/2010

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Steve Jobs shows how he manipulates the public to buy whatever type of product he releases in this hilarious puppet video.

iPad Revealed 01/27/2010

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Apple introduced its “magical” new product today in San Francisco… and it is damn sexy.  The iPad is “so much more intimate than a laptop, and so much more capable than a smart phone,” explained Steve Jobs, Apple‘s CEO.  One point many skeptics argued over before the unveiling was the price. Rumors spiraled that it would cost around $1,000, but Jobs made it clear during his presentation that he wanted to get it in as many hands as possible.  With a beginning price tag of $499, he did just that.  The iPad looks like an iPhone on steroids, with a 9.7 inch tall touch screen, and even features the famous app store which enables users to download and use over 140,000 applications.  But, it also is used to play games, watch movies, browse the web, e-mail, and read books.  iBooks is a brand new application designed specifically for the iPad, which enables users to download books from the iBook Store and then read them immediately.  For such a slim (0.5 inches thick) and light (1.5 lbs) device, this thing does almost too many things.  See below for more