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Nike Air Jordan Fly Wade 04/07/2011

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Right in time for the playoffs. Jumpman 23 unveils the Air Jordan Fly Wade shoe. This is the start of a collection of Dwayne Wade shoes with the Jordan brand. These kicks weigh in at 13 ounces and was designed by shoe guru architect Mark Smith. Nifty fact right here is that this is the lightest basketball shoe ever created by the Jordan brand. When thinking about it, this totally makes sense because historically all J’s have been super heavy. I personally think they were modeled after the VII’s or at least resemble them a bit. Hit the jump for the technology features and a ton of pictures! (more…)

Video: Air Jordan: Agent D3 “Dominate Another Day” 10/26/2010

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We knew this was coming. LBJ got his yesterday and now it’s DWade’s turn before they tip off against the “Green Gang” tonight. Expect to see both commercials air multiple times tonight during the game. This one references the James Bond series, but instead of Agent 007 its Agent D3. In his premier D3 sets about on his long quest to return the coveted Rings to Miami. Many more episodes to come for this one. By the way if you didn’t catch on The Snake Charmer is Kobe and The Illusionist is the Orlando Magic. Let’s just hope Wade doesn’t injure himself again doing this. Check back soon for the sequels!

Lebron’s Decision 07/08/2010

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Alright haters. The KING has made his deicsion and it is to play with the Miami Heat, along with Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh. There is no denying it is impressive to see three stars drop their egos, sacrifice maximum money and be willing to share the basketball in order to win championships. I am ashamed and appalled for the Clevland fans for the way they reacted and burning his jersey. Yes he did turn his back on them, but for all that he has done for that organization his jersey should be retired. 28 ppg, 7 reb and 7 ass in 7 seasons??? That is unheard of!!! Well, I believe myself and the rest of the world is happy this Lebronathon is finally over and the next season in the NBA shall reveal a whole lot.

Video: Air Jordan Exclusive Fabulous 23 Party 02/18/2010

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This is a great video from the party that celebrated the Jordan brand’s 25th anniversary. It took place in Dallas during All-Star Weekend and featured a ton of athletes, musicians, and actors. Athletes Dwayne Wade, Chris Paul, Carmelo Anthony, and Josh Howard, Jordan was joined by Cedric the Entertainer, Robin Thicke, Vivica A. Fox, Common, Russell Simmons and Spike Lee. Everybody had only the best things to say about Michael and what he has done with the brand.

Dwayne Wade X Air Jordan 2010 02/15/2010

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The good people over at Complex Magazine had the opportunity to sit down with Dwayne Wade and talk about his newest shoe release under the Air Jordan brand. The Air Jordan 2010 has been surrounded by a ton of hype lately, so now we get to hear D’Wade’s feelings on the shoe. After putting on a show last night in Dallas at the All-Star game (28 points, six rebounds and 11 assists) and winning All-Star game MVP, Wade sits down with Joe La Puma to discuss his new shoe, the difference between Converse and Jordan Brand, and his three favorite Jordans of all time. Hit the jump to read the entire interview. (more…)

Video: Air Jordan “Nightmares Never Sleep” Commercial Featuring Dwayne Wade 02/08/2010

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This commercial is for promotion purposes of the Air Jordan 2010. The lights go dark, the floor begins to break and a sudden wind begins whipping as Dwayne starts bodying people on the court, while all the fans are frantically trying to escape the arena.  What was that one dude thinking waiting for Wade to facialize him???