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Are You On The Next Step?

What does it mean to be On The Next Step?

Here at OTNS we’d like to think we’re on the edge of all things new and relevant. Whether it be the newest drop, the latest blockbuster, the freshest kicks or just a unique view on all things affecting the lives of forward thinking dudes across the country.

What makes On The Next Step worth following?

It would seem versatility is the name of the game these days and that’s what you’ll get at OTNS. We’re a motley crue and our content shows that. We don’t just copy your favorite blogs but we offer fresh ideas and new content- something which is rare on the internet these days. It’s easy to follow but it’s a lot harder to lead. On The Next Step…

-The OTNS team


1. Mike - 01/21/2010


2. Danny - 01/30/2010

its fresh gentlemen

3. dj jazzy G - 02/02/2010

Yo…. like the work you guys are doing but i do most of my browsing during boring ass lectures…… Looking at the blog right now there is not one thing i can click on without volume… not good for class or for the libs.. just an idea

4. JSin - 04/17/2010

Dope blog! I’m a fan.

Feel free to stop by and check out our blog. Thanks!

5. Lee - 09/22/2010

yo guys, great blog… I follow regularly. Was wondering if you have a contact email. There’s a new hip hop artist, Hoodie Allen, who is just beginning to blow up and I’m pretty confident your readers like what he’s doing. His recent work definitely has an indie/ hip hop vibe that many compare to Chiddy Bang. His new song releases (You Are Not a Robot, Words of Wisdom, and Swimming With Sharks) consistently top the website Hype Machine’s popular charts. I know for a fact that many of the biggest labels are trying to sign him, so I figured you guys would want to know about him. Check out his mixtape “The Pep Rally”(which dropped yesterday) at http://timeforthepeprally.com/, you won’t be disappointed. He also has a few shows lined up in the near future, including a performance with Chris Webby scheduled for October 10th at Webster Hall in NYC. If you guys like his music, a post on your blog would be much appreciated. Thanks a lot.

6. Michele - 01/22/2011

I want YOU

7. James - 02/12/2012

Tight blog…. i feel like your in KC or something with the content and slang of your posts.

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