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Lebron’s Decision 07/08/2010

Posted by FreshyK in Gossip, News, Sports, Videos.
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Alright haters. The KING has made his deicsion and it is to play with the Miami Heat, along with Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh. There is no denying it is impressive to see three stars drop their egos, sacrifice maximum money and be willing to share the basketball in order to win championships. I am ashamed and appalled for the Clevland fans for the way they reacted and burning his jersey. Yes he did turn his back on them, but for all that he has done for that organization his jersey should be retired. 28 ppg, 7 reb and 7 ass in 7 seasons??? That is unheard of!!! Well, I believe myself and the rest of the world is happy this Lebronathon is finally over and the next season in the NBA shall reveal a whole lot.


1. torchlebron - 07/09/2010

you shouldnt have all three of them fly together….. dont wna lose the nba all in a split second…. nothing worse could come to pro basketball. If lebron had teamed up in another city we would have great rivalries across the nba in all major markets. Now we just have a goliath in miami that is going to embarrass the other franchises. should be fun to watch…not

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