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Game – Pushin’ It (Featuring T.I. & Robin Thicke) 06/05/2010

Posted by FreshyK in Hip-Hop, Music.
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A tagged version of this song from an Evil Empire mixtape was released yesterday. We now have the tag free version. Song is pretty hot and this is coming from somebody who doesn’t really dig Robin Thicke. Apparently the song used to belong to Ja Rule, NOT anymore!

Download: Game – Pushin’ It (Featuring T.I. & Robin Thicke)


1. MsOfficer - 06/05/2010

Haha, u didn’t have to use that suspect pic of R. Thicke like that, lol.

Speakinf of T.I.:



2. Rohan - 06/06/2010

I downloaded Pushin It over a year ago with Ja Rule on it with the same beat. I actually liked but maybe it was because I hadn’t heard Ja Rule for such a long time. I still listen to it now and it’ll be sick to hear both versions side by side.

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