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Jon C Feldman Photography: The Future of Visual Art 04/19/2010

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What started out as a hobby for Jon Feldman has suddenly taken a drastic turn toward a successful career. Dating back to 9th grade Jon has been one of my best friends and it is funny because he didn’t pick up a camera until graduation. It all began with taking pictures of cars and shoes (he was the epitome of a sneaker head before he took over the photography game). After graduating from design school in Florida, Jon moved out to Vail, Colorado to experience the life of a ski bum before entering the real world. This hiatus ended up being the best thing that ever happened to him. Starting off working as a host at a steakhouse; this was not enough for Jon as he went and got a job taking pictures for a local newspaper covering many local concerts and other venues. Since then his gift has lead him to collaborations with the X-Games, Asher Roth, Sean White, Clipse,¬†The Wailers, Kyle Mack,¬†Wyclef Jean and plenty more celebrities. Don’t be fooled by just the X-Games photos, this kid has an eye for everything aesthetically¬†pleasing to the sight of any human. I actually just got off the phone with him and he is going to be doing some freelancing for ESPN so stay tuned for that. On a further note, Jon is responsible for the banner we currently use here at OTNS. For now, hit the jump to see a wide range of photos that Jon has taken and to purchase of any of his prints go to his website here.

These two brothers, 13 and 8 yrs old, Kyle Mack (13) is the kid who won the gatorade under 21 competition, when he was 12, earlier this year. He is sponsored by Burton and this could be a sneak peek of the 2011 Burton catalogue. Both kids are wearing gear for 2011 a week after 2009.


1. Jon C Feldman - 05/05/2010

Love this article!! Thanks to everyone at on the next step!!

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