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Tryin’ To Get A Tip Drill: A Brief History Of Prostitution Scandals 03/07/2010

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While it was definitely straight out of left field, I can’t say I was surprised to hear about D’Angelo getting arrested for trying to solicit an undercover lady-cop to give him a blowjob. Dude got nabbed in the West Village last night and police found $12,000 under his seat. Shady much?

But D shouldn’t feel so bad. He’s just yet another victim in a long line of dudes who got nabbed just trying to get a good ol’ fashioned tip drill. Flip this bitch over to check out our brief history of hooker scandals…

Who could forget Eliot Spitzer a.k.a. Client-9? The governor of New York had no choice but to resign in the wake of his high-profile prosty scandal. At least his slampiece for hire, Ashley Dupre, was a hottie. We definitely can’t say the same for everyone else on this list.

It’s been over a decade since Eddie Murphy got caught driving with a transvestite hooker in his car. He claims he was just giving her a ride… Yea, maybe a mustache ride.

Why is it that televangelists always tend to be the biggest hypocrites? Like Ted Haggard, who made a career damning homosexuals and drug addicts to hell only to have everyone find out he was a gay drug addict himself. Haggard got wrapped up in a male prostitution scandal and it later came out he enjoyed smoking meth with his boy-toys as well.

It seems Springer has always had an affinity for hookers. Before he made a career out of hooker fist fights, Jerry Springer was an elected official who enjoyed his hookers behind closed doors. In a 1970’s raid on a Kentucky brothel, police found a personal check from Springer. C’mon man, cash only!

Hugh Grant must have a great publicist because his hooker scandal didn’t seem to have any effect on his career. In the late ’90s, Grant was picked up in an L.A. Vice sting, caught with hooker Divine Brown. It just goes to show you, even British blokes aren’t above paying for a weasel greasing.


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