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Incase You Didn’t See!!! 03/04/2010

Posted by FreshyK in Jackassery, Sports, Videos.
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Incase you did not see SportsCenter the other night, there were a ton of ridiculous events that occurred. But this one above most definitely takes the cake. Baylor’s center, Brittney Griner, is a straight animal. Standing at an outrageous 6’8 and dunking in multiple games this year, she done went ahead and clocked Texas Tech’s Jordan Barncastle square in the face. Hit the jump to see plenty more freakish plays from Lebron James, John Wall, Nate Robinson & Travis Leslie.

LBJ’s just stays in the air for a stupid amount of time. He also had a ridiculous reverse alley-oop in the dismantling of the helpless Nets.

Even Charles Barkley was impressed by Wall’s ability with the left hand.

It’s great to see KryptoNate in a Celtic jersey. Let alone drilling a 3 as time expires over 6’10 Tyrus Thomas.

This dude Travis Leslie has a 45 inch vert.  Enough said…

And a good one that nobody took the liberty of uploading to youtube (maybe because of the fact it is Brian Scalabrine) was the ginger getting scrub time and air balling a 3 pointer.


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