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Album Review: Gorillaz – Plastic Beach 03/01/2010

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Please excuse the back-to-back Gorillaz posts, but it had to be done. First and foremost, forget every single preconceived notion you have about the British cartoon band because this album is vastly different from Demon Days or their debut LP, Gorillaz. I just came across the full album and was able to give it a listen and felt the urge to share the love with all our loyal steppers. Flip to the b-side for my thoughts on the album plus some incredible key tracks + downloads…

It’s a good feeling to beat Pitchfork to the punch, so here goes nothing:

Plastic Beach, the Gorillaz’ third studio album, is sure to dazzle fans across all genres. The album is bursting with flashy and unexpected collaborations from an array of artists such as, Snoop Dogg, Mos Def, De La Soul and Bobby Womack. They even recruited The Lebanese National Orchestra for a real interesting track filled with flutes and bongos.

But let’s forget about the guest appearances for a second because a couple of my favorite songs on the album are pure Gorillaz. One listen to either of the tracks below, Broken or On Melancholy Hill, reveals a more mature Gorillaz who have become less concerned with pop and more daring to venture into indie territory. The songs unfold more patiently than the jittery and rushed tracks of Gorillaz’ past, like Dare or Feel Good Inc. and are generally less eager to hook the audience with an identifiable chorus or sample. The overall sound is deeper and more complex, begging more attention from the listener, which is a risky maneuver these days. I think they pull it off well and you shouldn’t overlook the collabo tracks I’ve been posting in the past couple weeks either. I’m calling it an 8 out of 10.

Download: Gorillaz – Plastic Beach


1. JackMehoff - 03/02/2010

this album is sick!

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