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The Best Of Howard Stern Prank Calls 02/27/2010

Posted by Z-Glights in Crack-Ups, Good Life.
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Howard Stern, who is well known for his on air controversial behavior and raunchy style also happens to have a great staff of prank callers. Captain Janks and Baba Booey have been at it for years ruining people’s days while providing laughter for millions simultaneously. Hit the jump for some of the best Howard Stern prank calls of all time and a hilarious random OJ Simpson prank call bonus clip.

Howard Stern tells this man his turban is dirty in epic fashion.

Howard Stern prank calls CNN News Anchor Ali Velshi who couldn’t be more oblivious.

Captain Janks pranks the CNN weatherman when discussing Hurricane Charlie. Fast forward to about 1:00 in this video.

Captain Janks calls Rosie O’Donnell a “fat pig.” Amazing.

*Bonus Clip*

For some reason, OJ Simpson thought it would be a good idea to subject himself to an on air interview taking live phone calls. The first caller asks him an unbelievable question!!


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