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Blingiest Bling That Ever Blanged 02/20/2010

Posted by TheRealJawn in Crack-Ups, Fashion, Good Life, Gossip, Sports, Videos.
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The name Marquis Daniels probably doesn’t mean much to most of you.  He’s a mediocre-at-best shooting guard for the Boston Celtics, but more importantly, he is the proud owner of the most ridiculous piece of jewelry ever sculpted.  The necklace consists of 1,300 grams (or 2.9 pounds) of 14-karat gold and is smothered in white and cognac diamonds creating an exact replica of the player’s head, or possibly Whoopi Goldberg.  God, that’s amazing. He must have dropped billllllllsssss on this thing.  Click more to see it being made:


1. wgrrrrrr - 02/21/2010

only in america can a scrubby player like marquis daniels afford a gold and diamond replica of himself(not to mention he looks like the fucking predator)

2. mbooks - 02/24/2010

how long before he gets robbed for that? i’d say thats the next ONTS post coming up

3. u morons - 02/25/2010

fags im not even a celts fan i like NYK but marquis daniels is nice at basketball stfu calling people out as scrubs like u guys know wats goin on

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