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Real Talk: The Biggest Talk Show Meltdowns 02/18/2010

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Gary Coleman don’t take kindly to questioning. Which is why we’re not really sure why he agreed to appear on The Insider, which is basically the worst talk show any self-respecting man can appear on, second only to The View. After repeated questions concerning rumors he abuses his wife, Coleman blew up and started dropping f-bombs with a quickness. Don’t feel so bad Gary, talk shows have a way of unraveling even the toughest of people, like Bill O’Reilly. Read more to see other great moments in talk show meltdown history…

Bill O’Reilly: Fuckin’ Thing Sucks!

These were the good ol’ days, when nobody really knew who Bill O’Reilly was and he still had hair. I feel sorry for whoever happened to be the intern that day, he definitely got a face full of O’Reilly.

Where’s Joaquin Phoenix?

Phoenix made an appearance on Letterman acting spacey as hell. He later said he was only joking. What brilliant damage control.

I Thought Andy Dick Was Gay?

Security had to forcibly remove Andy Dick when he wouldn’t stop rubbing Ivanka Trump’s leg. Jimmy Kimmel played it pretty cool though, I’ve never seen a talk show host drag his guest out by the jeans with such charisma.

Mariah Bares It All On TRL

Shortly after her movie Glitter flopped in box offices, Mariah made a surprise appearance on TRL. She ran up on Carson Daly, started handing out popsicles to the audience and then stripping off her clothing. A few days later, Mariah was hospitalized for “extreme exhaustion.” A few too many fun pills perhaps.

Drown Yourself, Lisa Bloom

It’s been a rough year of scandal and legal trouble with Coleman, let’s just leave it at that.


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