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Kobe Bryant’s Black Mamba Watch 02/17/2010

Posted by Z-Glights in Fashion, Good Life, Sports.
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In case you haven’t heard, Kobe Bryant has released an unreal looking watch from the Black Mamba Signature Line.  Kobe teamed up with the exclusive and luxurious watchmaking brand Nubeo to create a very unique, futuristic and what some call “the most complex watch ever made.”  The watch comes in three styles with very limited production and begins around $25,000.  To read more about the watch and see some cool photos, click more.

The reason some call it the most complex watch ever made is because it has 131 components: The ceramic case has 2 components, the bezel has 37 components, the titanium inner case has 38 components, the crown has 14 components, the push buttons have 24 components and the bracelet fixation has 16 components.


1. Benis - 02/17/2010

that watch is fresh but aint nobody droppin 25k on a gshock knockoff

2. E18 - 05/16/2010

Exactly Benis. I hope the proceeds are going to charity!

3. Laker Fan - 03/30/2011

C’MON MANNNNNNNNN……If you didn’t want your fans to buy this you certainly have accomplished it….between the hunderf’ dollar kicks and the 25k watch we can’t afford to watch you on cable. Going to the game is a straight bust….C’MON MANNNNNN

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