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Clae 2010 Spring/Summer Collection 02/17/2010

Posted by FreshyK in Fashion.
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When you see a pair of shoes you really like in the stores or on somebody’s feet, chances are they are Nikes, Adidas, Jordan’s, New Balance, even Vans if thats what your into. Well, I am here to unveil a new brand that I am sure none of you have even heard of. Clae’s collection of shoes breathes new life into the traditional footwear game. They have redefined the industry, expanding the boundaries of footwear by creating hybirds filling the void between sneakers and shoes. So it is now time to take a deep breathe and experience all that Clae has to offer. Hit more to see the extensive collection from this season.

Don’t get it twisted. All of these shoes come in different color ways to fit different consumer tastes. For more information visit there website here.


1. fishdaddy - 02/17/2010

My favorites are the Russel and the tan leather hightops.. ill have to tell my baby’s mamma to hook it up!

2. mbooks - 02/17/2010

i’m not a huge fan. they’re solid shoes, but they need something to spice it up. i’m sticking with the tried and true

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