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Going Out Of Business: A History Of Bankrupt Celebs Selling Their Mansions 02/16/2010

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Producer Scott Storch’s Miami mansion was sold to Rockstar Energy Drink’s CEO Russ Weiner for a cool $6.75 million. Storch definitely took an L on this one considering he copped the double-pool 305 crib for $10.5 million. You can’t help but feel a little bad when you see these hotshots who spent years living beyond their means finally get buried in their own debt. Although it does make for entertaining news. Read more to see other celebs who had to bail on their mansions because they were going out of business…

Hard Times For Holyfield

After falling into foreclosure for the second time in two years, Holyfield’s 109-room mansion had to get offed with a quickness. The house which is worth $10 million, went into auction about a year ago. Seems like Holyfield is up to his ears ear in debt.

Stop, Hammer Time!

MC Hammer went in hard on his Cali mansion. He equipped it with indoor/outdoor pools and courts for all different sports. Not to mention his collection of jet-skis and other grown man toys. The home, worth a reported $9 million, went on sale for $6.5 million. C’mon dog, you had to go and waste all your cash on golden genie pants?

Pacman Jones Gets Foreclosed

If your Pacman Jones, staying away from Johnny Law is a full-time job. But Jones couldn’t dodge the sheriff knocking at his door in 2008, serving him with a foreclosure notice. Jones’ $1.5 million home was clearly too much for him to handle.

Mike Tyson Hustles 50 Cent

Tyson sold his Connecticut mansion to Fifty for $4.1 million after the house became too much for the fading boxing star to handle. 50 went on to drop $6 million on renovations and repairs. Fifty put the house on the market over a year ago, still to no avail. At this rate he’ll be lucky if he breaks even.

Getting Caged By Debt

As of late 2009, Nicolas Cage was losing his $2.9 million New Orleans mansion to foreclosure. I guess that Face/Off money is long gone, maybe he spent it on peaches.

Ballin’ Outta Control

Can’t say I was too surprised with this one. Latrell Sprewell is losing his $405,000 home in Milwaukee to foreclosure. Apparently, dude just stopped paying his bills. And this house isn’t even worth a milli!

Got That Gotti Paper?

Only a couple years after her reality show, Growing Up Gotti, went off-air Victoria Gotti was facing foreclosure on her $4.2 million Long Island mansion.  Too bad, her sons probably blew all her cash on hair gel and fake tanning.


1. KnicksPTguard - 02/16/2010

damn sprewell needs to manage his finances a little better

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