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Dankest Debut Of 2010: Local Natives 02/15/2010

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Tomorrow, the LA-based indie young-guns Local Natives drop their freshman LP titled Gorilla Manor, which is already being met with wide-spread acclaim – and much deserved.  From the first song, you can tell the album has something special.  The euphoric melodies are held together with powerful lyrics that speak to the group’s camaraderie from living together in a Silverlake, California mayhem house they called ‘Gorilla Manor.’  Pitchfork compared them to “The Grizzly Bear of the West Coast,” and they have distinct elements of other proven indie idols The Dodos (driving drum beats) and Fleet Foxes (rustic melodies and vocals).  Their song-writing skills, consistently catchy hooks, and youthful energy make this album the dankest debut of young 2010. Hit the jump to hear some key tracks – but mind you, this thing should be heard front to back:

Album opener ‘Wide Eyes’ sets the tone for the whole album with great guitar hooks:

Download: Local Natives – Wide Eyes

‘World News’ is simply dank – great vocal melodies:

Download: Local Natives – World News

The next two songs ‘Cards and Quarters’ and ‘Who Knows Who Cares’ use great string melodies:

Download: Local Natives – Cards and Quarters

Download: Local Natives – Who Knows Who Cares

Hear the album in it’s entirety here – NPR is streaming the album a week early


1. Breezy - 02/15/2010

this shit is bomb, sounds a lot like fleet foxes X modest mouse. it’s super dank

2. fishdaddy - 02/15/2010

Ladies and Gentleman, we are living in an incredible renaissance of music. Everyone thought that file-sharing and bit torrents would bastardize the art of music, but no! Instead, the people have risen! We have torn down the corporate giants’ control over what’s popular! Screw those giants who would put up barriers to our generation’s most talented! And in their place we find the rebirth of creativity, energy, and ART! The Local Natives epitomize this revolution with their fresh new album Gorilla Manor. Thank the man upstairs for music like this, may we all bow our heads in reverence for tunes that both invigorate us and help us reflect. Viva la Musica!

3. Wee-Bey - 02/16/2010

This is a classic example of the dank sauce. Bands like these give the general population some comfort that the future will bring better and better music. More of these types of bands are emerging and are trying to put their stamp on why they should stand out. “Gorilla Manor” has certainly done this for the Local Natives. Another up-and-coming band that deserves some recognition is Beach House, specifically their newest album “Teen Dream” which has a similar style to Fleet Foxes. My thanks goes out to you THEREALJAWN.

4. hiphoppolice - 02/16/2010

lil’ too indie for the hiphop police smell me?

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