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Cartier Rotonde Astro Tourbillon 02/15/2010

Posted by FreshyK in Fashion, Good Life, Videos.
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Cartier is one of the world renowned suppliers of high end watches and jewelry in the world. With that being said, this should come as no surprise as they release one of the dopest watches I have ever seen. They decided to take an old idea and throw in a new twist by having the balance wheel (the cool looking dial on the bottom of the watch face) act as the second hand on the watch. A classic tourbillon has the balance wheel spinning on its own axis, while the Cartier Astro Tourbillon has the balance wheel moving around the entire dial. It should be no surprise that the watch retails for well over $100,000. Hit the jump for a more pictures of this gem and a 15 second video of the watch in action!


1. fishdaddy - 02/15/2010

Wow! Those are some seriously fly pieces.

2. hiphoppolice - 02/16/2010

this shit is dope u kno. my pops used to rock a cartier when he was still alive. rip. real talk.

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