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Beach House Performance In Paris 02/07/2010

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Kind of old considering this performance of Walk In The Park is from August 2009, but it’s filmed and recorded pretty beautifully. If you don’t know who Beach House is, they’re this spacey indie rock group from Baltimore. They’ve got everything needed to be an indie fan’s wet dream: three Pitchfork-reviewed albums with a collective average of over 8.5– their most recent of which, Teen Dream, scored a 9– and they’re still pretty from mainstream. Personally, I think their music is really chill. It’s very mellow and makes for good sleeping or moments when you just need a low-key jam. Hit the jump for a few key tracks and downloads, including the song above…

Download: Beach House – Better Times

Download: Beach House – A Walk In The Park

Download: Beach House – Gila

Download: Beach House – Used To Be


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