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Pro Bowl Slacker! Bryant McKinnie’s Biggest Fails 01/31/2010

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Some people just can’t handle Vegas Miami and Vikings’ Bryant McKinnie seems to be one of them. After spending the past few days tweeting incessantly in a drunken blur, McKinnie was dismissed from the NFC Pro Bowl for unexcused absences from practice. But this isn’t McKinnie’s first fuck-up in the 305 and it’s far from his first fail in the public eye. Keep reading to see more examples of Bryant being a clown…

The Most Expensive Cunnilingus Ever

In the wake of the Vikings’ love boat scandal (no pun intended), the Vikings’ O-Tackle was fined $40,000. Bryant got nailed for allegedly performing oral sex on a woman in front of a crowd of people while aboard a party boat on Lake Minnetonka. At least homie reportedly got fellatio’d before the boat docked.

South Beach Bar Fight

McKinnie loves wildin’ out in front of crowds. In 2008, Bryant got arrested for aggravated assault outside of Club Space on South Beach after he spit in a bouncers face and then slammed him over the head with a metal pole… all in front of a cheering crowd of people.

The World’s Best Rapper (After Shaq, of course)

McKinnie is the second dude to grab the mic in this video. He’s wearing a weird Ed Hardy shirt or something like that and spits that hot fire.


1. thefontanareport - 01/31/2010

One would think that after messing up so many times, he would want to change his ways or someone would be willing to help him make better decisions in his life. Even though this year for the pro bowl isn’t as exciting as one’s in the past have been (if any of them have been exciting before) I still think somebody would care if he would not be able to play in an All-Star game.

With the examples you give of what McKinnie has done in the past, I don’t think he is going to change anytime soon, but it is very disappointing a player who young kids are suppose to look up too. But when I do think about what he has done it makes me feel he doesn’t care about his life and in essence nobody else should care what he’s doing if he donesn’t.

2. Hungover Guy - 01/31/2010

As much as I can understand right now, I think you’re right!

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