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Game Over: When Video Games Inspire Violence 01/25/2010

Posted by MaxB in Crack-Ups, Video Games.
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Here at On The Next Step, we’re serious about our video games. However, we’re not quite as serious as the 15-year-old Italian boy who stabbed his father in the neck with a 15” kitchen knife after he criticized him about his FIFA skills. Can you really still make the argument video games are corrupting our youth when it doesn’t even take Grand Theft Auto to inspire a good old fashioned shanking? Or maybe it’s just that video gaming can bring out the worst in people. Read more to see clips of more video game meltdowns…

World of Warcraft Freakout

I used to play WoW, so I know how enthralling it can become. But this is a serious overreaction, especially when he puts the TV remote up his ass.

Chinese Computer Meltdown

I know the beginning is kind of weird, but wait until this dude starts to freak out.

Child Nintendo Demon

The next David After the Dentist?

Banging the Keyboard

This is absolutely ridiculous. Not sure how slamming the keyboard yields that kind of result.


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