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A Bad Rap: When Rappers Make Poor Business Ventures 01/24/2010

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Birdman and his interesting looking brother Slim recently announced they will be trying to get a piece of that Arab money and have founded their very own oil company. While it’s hard to debate Birdman’s high level of business acumen, I can’t say I see this investment panning out too successfully. But Baby and Slim’s Bronald Oil Co. is hardly the first poor celebrity investment. Read more to see other example of when rappers make poor business decisions…

DMX’s Signature Clothing

While I could’ve made an entire list on failed rapper clothing lines, DMX’s 2006 clothing line barely even made it off the ground. Can’t say I’m surprised, who really wants to dress like a grungy homeless crackhead? C’mon dog stick to driving through toll booths.

50 Cent’s Magic Stick

In 2007, Fifty announced his plans for his own line of condoms, called Magic Stick. While the idea was shelved for reasons I can’t possibly imagine, Curtis has been talking about Magic Stick condoms yet again in the wake of the Tiger Woods’ scandal. “Have a baby by me baby, be a millionaire…”

Paul Wall’s Grillz

Riding the wave of success from his single “Grillz,” Paul Wall’s shining metallic smile almost became a household image. Too bad that success wasn’t able to translate in to long term sales of slightly-nicer-than-tin foil, permanent retainers known as grills. Even though there are some rappers who refuse to see the trend die. Word to Weezy.

Lil’ Jon’s Crunk Juice

While Crunk Juice might still be available online, I seriously doubt this is the source of Lil’ Jon’s Yeaaaaaaah money. For anyone who’s ever tasted it, it’s like a non-alcoholic Hypnotiq. Also, call me old fashioned, but I’m not too crazy about drinking things out of gasoline cans either.


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