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Kanye West – What It Is 01/23/2010

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New drop from Kanye is his verse from the track with Sophia Fresh.  Sophia Fresh is a group of three girls who are signed under Nappy Boy Entertainment and are referred to by T-Pain as, “A contemporary TLC“.  Here is some footage of the girls and their part of the song.  Hit the jump to see more pictures of Yeezy at Paris fashion weekend.

Download: Kanye West – What It Is

Kanye and his girl Amber made their presence know the other weekend at Paris Fashion Show.  Amber’s poor excuse for a dress is outrageous, while the sequenced loafers Kanye was rocking all night remind me of those tacky goth belts from middle school/the diamond sequins people used to put on everything from cell phones to clothing.  Please don’t tell me these shoes are going to turn in to the next pair of Air Yeezy’s.


1. Benis - 01/23/2010

girl looks goooooooood

2. Hungover Guy - 01/23/2010

As much as I can understand right now, I think you’re right!

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