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Celebrity Endorsements We Hate To See 01/20/2010

Posted by MaxB in Crack-Ups, Gossip.
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It seems like yesterday brought nothing but disappointing news. Haiti is still bring ravaged by aftershocks, Democrats lost a crucial senate seat and on top of all that, Bible-thumping Tim Tebow announced he will be appearing in a Super Bowl ad endorsing Focus on the Family, a non-profit Christian group that opposes abortion in every single case (rape included). Regardless of your stance on abortion, I’m already sick of attending Sunday School every time I see Tebow’s eye black and don’t care to see precious SB ad space wasted on pushing some religious agenda. But Tebow is far from the first case of celebrity endorsement gone wrong, hit the jump to see a couple others…

Dr. Dre’s endorsement of Dr. Pepper left me shaking my head. Sure, he got to plug his new line of headphones but could it get any cornier? “Slower is always better, trust me I’m a doctor.” C’mon man! Stop wasting time with soda commercials and put out the mystical Detox.

Believe it or not, McDonalds commissioned pretty boy Justin Timberlake to sing a pop version of “I’m Lovin’ It.” While this commercial is actually kind of risque and has literally zero to do with eating fast-food, JT makes a cameo at 0:22. Justin needs to be more careful who he endorses, your a role model dude! Don’t be surprised to catch teeny-boppers around the world start packing on Big Mac pounds.


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